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Friday, October 28, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

What am I referring to? Well, Halloween silly rabbits! What else?? This begins my favorite time of the year spanning from Halloween to New Year's. Of course being a HUGE fan of horror, Halloween is probably my most favorite time of my most favorite time of the year. Did you catch that? Bwahahaha (evil laugh)!
Anyway, keeping in the spooky/supernatural spirit of the weekend I am sharing some test pages and character designs for a new property that is in development with a well known independent publisher. I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of said working relationship or the nature of the project at this time but I figure it can't hurt to give y'all a glimpse of what it may look like if i get the gig:

More new art from the upcoming September 23rd Studios property as well as Benjamin and the Fish and our reboot pitch for DC's The Question coming very soon! Have a fun, chills and thrills filled weekend boys and ghouls!!

Images © 2011 Alex Schumacher

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When did I get so damn busy...?

So, I have the tendency to take on a number of projects (too many?) at any one time. Probably not the smartest move for a procrastinator such as myself but, hell, it keeps me busy and working! Here's a quick lowdown on everything that's going on:
Benjamin and the Fish
All final pages were sent to the printer on time, books were delivered and our debut at tomorrow's New York Comic Con will go off without a hitch! If you will not be attending the convention, here is a link to the online store where you have the opportunity to purchase your very own preview book (as well as other fine 215 Ink products): 215 Ink Shop. However, exclusively for convention attendees we have 3 limited edition prints available (pictured below) signed by myself and the series writer/creator Adam Wilson.

September 23rd Studios
Mark and I are still hard at work on our new series, though truth be told we have been slightly sidetracked by other projects/obligations. Not to worry though, I will have plenty of new art to share with you from this project very soon. Until then here are a couple pictures snapped by my cartoonist pal Bridgett Spicer, the first of Mark and I with her pal Harold just after our workshop conducted at APE and the other of me speaking during the workshop.

Other 'tings
While I can't discuss it quite yet, there may be something exciting on the horizon for my all-ages property, Omega Bagel! More on that later...
There also may be something going on with a certain DC character. Just to cover my ass 'cause lord knows I can't afford a lawsuit, I'm not sayin' we are affiliated with DC in any way nor do we own the rights to this character. For now let's call it a shot in the dark but either way it's gonna be a blast! More to follow but for is a teaser image:

Ok, back to work now 'cause as you can see there's a LOT going on!! Hope y'all enjoyed Columbus Day and all that jazz...

Monday, October 03, 2011

Benjamin & Mr. Fish + APE

This past weekend was an extremely fun whirlwind of activity for me, both professionally and personally. It began Friday morning with my completion of the preview book for the new all-ages title I'm working on, "Benjamin & the Fish" for 215 Ink, which is slated to debut at the New York Comic Con this month! Here are a few of the inked pages from that title (more of the final pages can be viewed at above link):

Benajamin & Mr. Fish characters © 2011 Adam Wilson
Benajamin & Mr. Fish artwork © 2011 Alex Schumacher

I then headed to San Francisco for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (which was beyond incredible) as well as the Alternative Press Expo on Saturday where my good friend and longtime collaborator, Mark Peaslee, and I conducted a workshop on creating comics. We had a pretty decent turnout with about 40 attendees, one of which felt compelled enough to produce his version of Mark and I (shown below). I have to say that was quite flattering!
Name signs displayed for our workshop

 More photos from the workshop, project updates and art coming soon! Hope y'all had a great weekend!