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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When did I get so damn busy...?

So, I have the tendency to take on a number of projects (too many?) at any one time. Probably not the smartest move for a procrastinator such as myself but, hell, it keeps me busy and working! Here's a quick lowdown on everything that's going on:
Benjamin and the Fish
All final pages were sent to the printer on time, books were delivered and our debut at tomorrow's New York Comic Con will go off without a hitch! If you will not be attending the convention, here is a link to the online store where you have the opportunity to purchase your very own preview book (as well as other fine 215 Ink products): 215 Ink Shop. However, exclusively for convention attendees we have 3 limited edition prints available (pictured below) signed by myself and the series writer/creator Adam Wilson.

September 23rd Studios
Mark and I are still hard at work on our new series, though truth be told we have been slightly sidetracked by other projects/obligations. Not to worry though, I will have plenty of new art to share with you from this project very soon. Until then here are a couple pictures snapped by my cartoonist pal Bridgett Spicer, the first of Mark and I with her pal Harold just after our workshop conducted at APE and the other of me speaking during the workshop.

Other 'tings
While I can't discuss it quite yet, there may be something exciting on the horizon for my all-ages property, Omega Bagel! More on that later...
There also may be something going on with a certain DC character. Just to cover my ass 'cause lord knows I can't afford a lawsuit, I'm not sayin' we are affiliated with DC in any way nor do we own the rights to this character. For now let's call it a shot in the dark but either way it's gonna be a blast! More to follow but for is a teaser image:

Ok, back to work now 'cause as you can see there's a LOT going on!! Hope y'all enjoyed Columbus Day and all that jazz...


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