My World is Funnier

Monday, October 27, 2008

September 23rd Studios @ APE

One week from now the Alternative Press Expo (affectionately referred to as APE) will settle in to it's newly appointed place in the yearly convention lineup, November 1st and 2nd! Converging upon our beloved bay next Saturday and Sunday is one of the premier gatherings of small press, self published and indie comic creators in the country, aside from SPX of course, and September 23rd Studios will be there. Mark and I will be on hand at the Cartoon Art Museum's table on Saturday to promote "The Wicked" and meet and greet anyone who is interested in meeting a couple of hooligans wallowing in obscurity but thriving on their own egos. I'm joking...we're not a couple of hooligans wallowing in obscurity.

We will also be attending the Cartoon Art Museum's Alternative Press Expo party following the con from 8-11 pm. Should be one helluva shindig! Hope to see some of you there...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quick piece of advice

I understand that the title may come off as somewhat pretentious and egotistical, believing that I am in some position of authority to be giving advice. Listen kids, I've been at this a looong time and while I am well aware of where my jurisdiction ends, I also am aware of which topics I know a thing or two about.

In that vein, I would like to offer the following: If any of you out there are thinking of pursuing a career in comics learn one thing...patience!! I say this for a few different reasons.

1. It takes years, and in some cases decades, to make a living in this field. That is if you are ever one of the lucky few to make a living as a creator. I still don't. So work hard, cut your teeth, get involved with your local artist's community and your day will hopefully will mine :)

2. Projects don't just appear overnight. It requires a lot of work and time to complete (and/or even find) a worthwhile project. If the destination is all you focus on, you'll never enjoy the ride.

3.Editors take a long time to respond!! This is not to say they are lazy or apathetic. Quite the contrary as a matter of fact. Editors are extremely busy and while they would love to respond to everyone in a timely manner this is just not a possibility. Do not, I repeat DO NOT perpetually call or email an editor questioning the status of your submission. A follow-up is perfectly fine but nothing turns off an editor quicker than a nuisance.

I believe this concludes my post. Keep creating folks!!