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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Method to my madness...and some teaser pages

I wanted to give y'all a little insight as to my working model. I will be using the art for my upcoming one-shot with Viper Comics, "Red Carpet Rats" to demonstrate. For me a big part of the "thinking" portion of producing sequential art is in the page design. The thumbnail/breakdown stage is where this particular scheming commences. Below I will show how my rough breakdowns appear side-by-side with the final page to exemplify how a page can change from conception to completion.

The first is a revamped version of an initial test page I produced for Viper, which I first shared here, and the second is a page from the epic battle sequence.

Also, my good friend Mark Peaslee (of September 23rd Studios) and I are featured in the new anthology "One and Done" from Invest Comics with all proceeds going to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It also happens to be a #1 seller! Read the official press release here, go buy your copy here and read more about the CBLDF here!


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