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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One more for 2011

As the year is rapidly approaching it's end, I find myself quite busy with several different projects...which is, to say the least, a mixed blessing. I'm only half joking ;)
Anyway, I know I most likely will not have time to post again until after the new year so I wanted to squeeze in one more before the curtain of 2011 is drawn (pun intended). Presented below is a smattering of different images, in different stages of development, from the projects I'm working on. In 2012 you can expect:
- Red Carpet Rats from Viper Comics
- Benjamin and the Fish Volume 1 from 215 Ink
- Deadly Tales Anthology from Invest Comics
- Hang 'em Dead from September 23rd Studios
and hopefully much more...
Conceptual design for "Rebellion Universe" team book
Benjamin and the Fish page
Benjamin and the Fish page
"Rose" character design for Red Carpet Rats
Breakdown for Red Carpet Rats page

Enjoy, be safe (but not too safe) and Happy New Year!!