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Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Studio" Tour

If you will allow me to be self- indulgent for this post, I'd like to take you on a tour of my "studio". Studio being in quotations because it is merely the half of my room I use for artistic purposes. Anyway, off we go.....

Here we have my table. You can see a comic I was working on taped to the surface as well as a mirror I use to demonstrate expressions.

A close-up of the comic I was working on.

Ah, the tools of an artist. Take a moment to identify each one with my list in the sidebar. Wait, how much time on your hands do you have??

A must for every artist in this digital age. Yes, it's a PC not a Mac...give me a break I'm still a struggling artist!

My scanner. A Microtek Scanmaker i700. Highly affordable and great quality! Two thumbs up!

Whew, I blogged again. Now I feel whole. Ok, thanks for indulging me folks but now I have to get some actual work done. I'll post again soon. Be excellent to each other!


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